3 Month Booty Transformation Program


All New clients receive a FREE Billionaire Booty Oil when they join valued at $129!

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What is our BBC Booty Transformation program?

Feel like you will never be able to create your dream booty? Let us help you turn your dream into a reality!

This is an intense, and carefully developed 3 month program using non-invasive methods, and carefully selected health practitioners. Its a group effort!
This program is for people who struggle with the appearance of their glutes, and can’t take it anymore.

After years of working in body contouring, a whopping 80% of my female clients expressed their primary aesthetic concern with their bodies were their glutes. In fact, it is an incredibly difficult area to treat. 

After years of seeing what worked and what didn’t, I developed a 3 month program to assist you in creating the booty of your dreams. We hope there will be no more covering your peach at the beach, we endeavour to help you strut with more confidence!

Although results and reactions vary from person to person, we are SERIOUS about results, please contact us if you are ready to enquire about a 3 month commitment to yourself! 

This program is for people who:

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30 minute phone call – FREE
One hour consultation: $150.

A one hour consultation will be needed before we are able consider your eligibility for the program. Your program details and individual quote will be discussed and provided to you in your consultation for you to consider.

We will contact you within 72 hours

Our happy clients

I have never received so many compliments on my skin! The undivided attention is given and tailor made treatments from Kallistēi are absolutely incredible. 


Founder of MeFullStop

I absolutely love getting my beauty treatments with Paris, as they are non-invasive. She also explains bit by bit the whole process and benefits so I feel confident.



Z Wave Pro

Technology: Acoustic shock wave therapy.

Uses: Cellulite reduction, buttocks reshape and lift, muscle connective tissue improvement, skin tightening, lymphatic drainage, oxygenation and skin colour improvement.

Practitioner: Paris Dukas.


Per area


Glutes + back of thighs




Front of thighs






Side of thighs