About us

Your transformation begins here

We specialise in healing and transformation, by using non-invasive body contouring and skin rejuvenation technologies.

Meet our leading specialists

At Kallistēi, we take your needs and health seriously. Our services are performed by highly qualified and passionate professionals.

Dr.Pauline Pahtsivanidis

Integrative GP

M.B.B.,S Monash University

Integrative medicine, weight loss, skin and cosmetic medicine, cannabis prescriber, women’s and men’s health, diabetes and chronic disease management, general preventative medicine.

Paris Dukas


(Bachelor of Applied Health Science)

(Clinical Aesthetics ACHW)

Non-invasive body contouring and dermal rejuvenation

Our story

"Trust me when I say I completely understand how you are feeling."

Our founder Paris used to suffer from acne over a long period time and tried all different kinds of methods.

After having to cure herself, she decided to dedicate her career to assisting others in their healing and transformation process, without any pain, downtime or laser technologies. She believes everyone deserves to be their best selves.

Why Kallistēi?

Non-invasive technology

We use state of the art non-invasive technologies which provide you with natural results and zero to very little downtime.

Skincare Regime

At Kallistēi, we prioritise our customer’s needs and safety. We therefore require a consultation before any treatment. 

your one stop solution

We pride ourselves on a practical healing and transformation process, with realistic expectation management. As we affiliate with medical and pharmaceutical professionals, we aim to assist your concerns comprehensively.